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Pewag UNE 140024-8mm, UNIVERSAL “ED” TITAN GRIP Heavy Equipment Chains, With Wear Bars

Net chain for high traction demand.

The reinforced version of the popular universal chain now
comes with welded wear bars added to the 3-Link design,
providing wear resistance and durability that is unmatched. The
addition of these wear bars, made of pewag strengthened steel,
significantly increase grip, stability, and life span of these chains.
The universal chain mesh design provides great wear resistance
and smoother riding.

•Always pre-fit chains before use

Our chains always sold in “Pairs”

Qualified Discount: Vet/Senior, Business or Gov’t call 800 770-0077
Our number one priority is your safety at work and on the road. We provide Pewag Products “Made in USA”!

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Weight 235 lbs


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