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Passenger Class S Types

Rend Servo Suv
Pewag Servo
Konig Easy Fit CU-9
König Easy-fit CU-9
Konig K Summit Angle View
König K-Summit
Konig CG 9 angle View
König CG-9
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Konig CB 12.angle View
König CB-12

pewag servo

Sporty. Exciting. Fast. Robust snow chain with automatic tensioning system.

High quality chain with servo-technology.

The pewag servo is a robust snow chain that is ideal for vehicles with high engine power and for use on paved roads.
  • Optimal for passenger cars with high engine power
  • Automatic tensioning system – no need to stop after mounting
  • Rim protection – no direct contact with the wheel rim thanks to innovative chain system

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Snow chains for consumer cars

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