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Pewag Traktor Doppelspur

Install, Retension and uninstall video

It is best to get the chains as snug as possible on the tire for better wear

Install should be tighter than what is shown in the video


  • Our Customers state: Superior Traction, over other types of chain, on all surfaces.
  • Recommended for light- to medium-duty agricultural applications and for private snow-removal operations


Product Information

  • Robust design with welded clamps and wear elements to cater for increasing engine power
  • Long lifespan and excellent grip thanks to additional wear elements
  • Chain may be shortened for optimum fit using a shackle system


Technical Details

  • Made from TitanGrip® special steel for an extended lifespan
  • Available in the material thicknesses 7 & 8.2
  • Reversible to extend chain life
  • Built in Tension Chain to ensure snug fit