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A 291 SV

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Pewag “ASV PATTERN” – Heavy Truck – Singles,7 mm

Asymmetrical Pattern-Style Chains. Pattern-Style Chains run smoother
and provide better traction. The chain track shows that the distances between
the chains A1 are considerably closer with the Asymmetrical Pattern-Style Chain
compared to the similar built H-Pattern-Style Chain with the distance A 2. The center
section of the H-Pattern-Style Chain serves exclusively to keep the vehicle on track. The
asymmetrical pattern in contrast contributes not only to keeping the vehicle on track, but
also improving brake and drive performance. Consequently, the Asymmetrical Pattern-Style
Chain runs smoother with higher performance.
TitanGrip ® & Snow chains marked with the TitanGrip® trademark are made from a special high-grade alloy steel. The combination of titanium
and Boron steel in conjunction with a sophisticated heat treatment process provides maximum wear resistance.
Pewag snow chains – now technology Pewag Asymmetrical


Qualified Discount: Vet/Senior, Business or Gov’t call 800 770-0077

Our number one priority is your safety at work, play and on the road.

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