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RS 62


Pewag Servo RS 62 Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains

Pewag snow chains are  clever

Tensioning systems for snow  chains have  to get more  conve- nient: This was pewag’s main goal when  developing the latest generation of automatic ratchets.

The key objective was to make mounting the chains easier by enhancing the tensioning system, and  to improve  performance and  user  friendliness.

We created the new servo-technology to achieve these objectives.

Pewag servo was developed for vehicles with high powered engines and offers the ease of stationary mounting and reliability under all conditions.

Due to its low profile pattern for class “S” applications; Pewag Servo allows for vehicle clearance, perfect traction, and a long life span.

•High quality chain with innovative technology
•pewag servo ratchet tensions the chain automatically – manual tensioning is not necessary
•Always pre-fit chains before use


Qualified Discount: Vet/Senior, Business or Gov’t call 800 770-0077

Our number one priority is your safety at work and on the road. We provide Pewag Products “Made in USA”!

This Product is made @ Pewag – Austria

With their square links and diagonal pattern, these easy-to-install, self-tensioning, alloy steel chains offer superior traction and a smooth ride. Specially designed for vehicles with limited wheel well clearance.

  • Patented tensioning system self-tightens during installation – no manual tensioning needed. Simply make the required connections and engage the ratcheting servo device to perfectly fit each chain
  • TITANGrip steel wears well and provides excellent durability
  • Titanium alloy steel construction is strong and corrosion resistant
  • Diagonal pattern delivers a smooth ride
  • Square links offer superior grip and traction
  • Plastic bumpers provide some rim protection – no scuffs or scratches
  • Low-profile design is perfect for passenger cars with limited clearance in the wheel well
  • SAE Class S tire chains
  • Convenient fit – works on both front- and rear-wheel-drive vehicles

Fits: 13″ – 15″ tires
Link thickness: 3.2 mm
Quantity: 1 pair

Weight 9 lbs

RS Install Video

Pewag Install Video on

Fits Tire Size



The Pewag goods sold on this website are warranted free from defects in workmanship and  materials for 90 days  from the date of purchase. No other  warranty,  expressed or implied, is given and  no affirmation of SELLER, by words or action,  shall constitute a warranty.  Buyer must  notify SELLER in writing, within 10 days  of discovery of the alleged defect and within the warranty  period stated above.


No Warranty on Glacier Products

Please note that the charts containing recommendations regarding snow chain size, wheel and tire dimensions are maintained with the utmost care! Due to rapid technological changes it may occur that not all data will be up to date at each point in time.

We strive to keep the snow chain pages always up to date. However, we ask you to refer to the user manual provided by the vehicle manufacturer before mounting the snow chain. Glacier Chain Supply can therefore not be liable in any case.

Thank you for your understanding.


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