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USA 2245 SC ST


Pewag Studded Heavy Truck – Singles 7mm & 8mm w/cams

Pewag’s revolutionary 8-sided design is proven to outlast and outperform the competition. Breaking the mold of conventional round studs; Pewag’s 8-sided allows for a deeper hardening on each individual piece. The studded chain is engineered for the most aggressive off-road applications, ideally forestry, oil fields, and ice road trucking.

•Always pre-fit chains before use
•100% manufactured in Pueblo, Colorado with US Steel!

Qualified Discount: Vet/Senior, Business or Gov’t call 800 770-0077

Our number one priority is your safety at work and on the road. We provide Pewag Products “Made in USA”!

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USA 2245 SC ST

USA 2245 SC 7ST, USA 2245 SC 8ST