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USA 2249 SC 7ST

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Pewag 7mm Studded Ladder

The standard of quality; pewag square link

Pewag nickel manganese alloy square link tire chains wear up to 48 times longer than conventional twist link tire chains while giving you up to 32% more traction. Pewag Square link tire chain is specifically designed to provide superior wear and traction under the most severe conditions.

  • Made of premium  alloy TITAN Grip® steel
  • Rock Hardness of 63 – tool like steel hardness
  • Extremely durable and efficient, with a result of less downtime
  • Provides superior road gripping ability to standard twist-link chain
  • Saves money in the long run, costs less per mile!:
    1. lasts  up to 48x longer than standard twist-link chain
    2. Chains are repairable, lowering long term cost
  • Preferred chain by State & County D.O.T.’s and City Public Works
  • 100% manufactured in Pueblo, Colorado with US Steel!


“Always pre-fit chains before use”

Our chains always sold in “Pairs”

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Pewag’s revolutionary 8-sided star stud design is proven to outlast and outperform the competition. Breaking the mold of conventional round studs; Pewag’s 8-sided star stud allows for a deeper hardening on each individual piece.

This chain is engineered for the most aggressive off-road applications, ideally forestry, oil fields, and ice road trucking.

Weight 64 lbs

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