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H 3827 SC


*** DISCONTINUED ***   Glacier 6/0 V- BAR WIDE BASE & DUALS – Cam

Out of stock

Weight 36 lbs

Fits Tire Size

29×12.5  15

31×9.5  15

31×15.5  15

32×9.5  15

33×9.5  15

34×9.5  15

32×11.5  16

34×9  16

245  16

275/75  16

31×105  16.5

31×11.5  16.5

32×11.5  16.5

265/60  18

295/45  18

235/85  16

31×11.5  15

29×11.5  15



What is SC?

“S” just means std side chain

“C” in the part number means “Cams” to tighten the chains.

Built-in cam tighteners make it easy to achieve a tight, secure fit

After  chains are installed, drive for a short distance (20 ft) and re-tighten


The Pewag goods sold on this website are warranted free from defects in workmanship and  materials for 90 days  from the date of purchase. No other  warranty,  expressed or implied, is given and  no affirmation of SELLER, by words or action,  shall constitute a warranty.  Buyer must  notify SELLER in writing, within 10 days  of discovery of the alleged defect and within the warranty  period stated above.


No Warranty on Glacier Products

Please note that the charts containing recommendations regarding snow chain size, wheel and tire dimensions are maintained with the utmost care! Due to rapid technological changes it may occur that not all data will be up to date at each point in time.

We strive to keep the snow chain pages always up to date. However, we ask you to refer to the user manual provided by the vehicle manufacturer before mounting the snow chain. Glacier Chain Supply can therefore not be liable in any case.

Thank you for your understanding.


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