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TNL 2245 SC

Original price was: $838.88.Current price is: $570.44.

Pewag Tite-N-Lite

Light-weight with maximum traction.

The lightweight alternative pattern chain for trucks with limited clearance that require the most traction.

Made using our brilliant 5.6mm titanium alloy square link chain.

If clearance is an issue don’t let traction be your sacrifice.

Tite-N-Lite will give that performance you need every time.
•Cross chain replacements available for purchase
•Always pre-fit chains before use

Available in Duals


Qualified Discount: Vet/Senior, Business or Gov’t call 800 770-0077

Our number one priority is your safety at work and on the road. We provide Pewag Products  “Made in USA”!


Pewag nickel manganese alloy square link tire chains wear up to 48 times longer than conventional twist link tire chains while giving you up to 32% more traction.

Pewag Square link tire chain is specifically designed to provide superior wear and traction under the most severe conditions.
Made of premium  alloy TITAN Grip® steel
Rock Hardness of 63 – tool like steel hardness
Extremely durable and efficient, with a result of less downtime
Provides superior road gripping ability compared to standard twist-link chain

Saves money in the long run, costs less per mile!:

  • lasts  up to 48x longer than standard twist-link chain
  • Can be reversed for better wear and longer life
  • Chains are repairable, lowering long term cost
  • Preferred chain by State & County D.O.T.’s and City Public Works

Our chains always sold in “Pairs”

“Always pre-fit chains before use”


Weight 45 lbs

Fits Tire Size


  • 10.00×20
  • 10/90-20
  • 11×22.5
  • 275/80-24.5
  • 285/75-24.5
  • 295/75-22.5




Asymmetrical Pattern-Style Chains

Pewag Asymmetrical Pattern-Style Chains run smoo- ther  and  provide better traction

The chain  track shows that the distances bet- ween  the chains A1 are considerably closer with the Asymmetrical Pattern-Style Chain compared to the similar built H-Pattern-Style Chain with the distance A 2.

The center section of the H-Pattern-Style Chain   serves exclusively  to keep the vehicle on track.

The asymmetrical pattern in contrast contributes not only to keeping the vehicle on track, but also improving  brake and  drive performance. Consequently, the Asymmetrical Pattern-Style Chain runs  smoother with higher  performance.


TitanGrip® & ThickThin® technology

Pewag snow chains – now lighter  and  with longer life span

Snow  chains marked with the TitanGrip®   trademark are made from a special high-grade alloy steel.  The combination of  tita- nium and  Boron steel  in conjunction with a sophisticated heat treatment process provides maximum wear resistance.

A chain  is only as strong as its weakest link.

But why must  every chain  link have  the same shape?

Can we build better  chains by combining different types of chain  links?

Pewag found  the answer by consistently working on a new technology to radically improve  chains. The result of this research is the ThickThin®  technology. For the first time in the history of chain manufacturing different chain links (different in shape, length  and  thickness) can  be assembled in one  chain. For this reason Pewag can  manufacture the best combination for the various  areas of use.

What is your advantage?

Reduced weight,  considerably longer  life span and  optimum traction  performance.

What is SC?

“S” just means std side chain

“C” in the part number means “Cams” to tighten the chains.

Built-in cam tighteners make it easy to achieve a tight, secure fit

After  chains are installed, drive for a short distance (20 ft) and re-tighten

StarWave Profile

Starwave® profile links

pewag snow chain with starwave® profile links

To increase both grip and  life span,pewag intro- duced the wave profile. pewag differentiates chain links between a rectangular (for example 7 mm wide but 8.2 mm high) and  a square version  (for example 7 mm wide and  7 mm high). Which one of these basic shapes used depends on the chain’s application. For example, pewag unimove has  a rectangular link shape, while the pewag asv partly consists of square wave profile links.


The Pewag goods sold on this website are warranted free from defects in workmanship and  materials for 90 days  from the date of purchase. No other  warranty,  expressed or implied, is given and  no affirmation of SELLER, by words or action,  shall constitute a warranty.  Buyer must  notify SELLER in writing, within 10 days  of discovery of the alleged defect and within the warranty  period stated above.


No Warranty on Glacier Products

Please note that the charts containing recommendations regarding snow chain size, wheel and tire dimensions are maintained with the utmost care! Due to rapid technological changes it may occur that not all data will be up to date at each point in time.

We strive to keep the snow chain pages always up to date. However, we ask you to refer to the user manual provided by the vehicle manufacturer before mounting the snow chain. Glacier Chain Supply can therefore not be liable in any case.

Thank you for your understanding.

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